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Meet the Firm

Expert criminal defense attorney Dan E. Chambers will provide a sophisticated, efficient and aggressive defense designed to resolve your criminal case quickly and favorably.

Dan E. Chambers - Criminal Lawyer

Dan E. ChambersThe founder of Chambers Law Firm, Dan E. Chambers, has been in practice for nearly 30 years, and has tried over 150 cases to jury verdict.  Previously, he served as a Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney for nearly seven years.  While at the district attorney’s office, he handled primarily serious felony cases.  He then went in to private practice at various law firms for approximately 15 years, handling a wide range of highly complex litigation matters. Dan then left to open his own criminal defense practice and now devotes his time exclusively to criminal defense and the protection of those accused of crimes.  Although Dan defends individuals and businesses in all types of criminal and administrative cases, in both federal and state court throughout California, he specializes in high-stakes felony cases that involve potential life sentences, the death penalty, three-strikes punishment and other serious felonies. As a former prosecutor, Dan has unique insight into the criminal justice system that enables him to provide his clients with quality representation for charges ranging from homicide, kidnapping, sex crimes, and other serious felonies to drug, DUI, theft, domestic violence, and other felonies and misdemeanors.

Valerie Romero - Investigator

Valerie RomeroValerie Romero is a retired Long Beach Police Officer. She is a highly skilled and an accomplished licensed private investigator that, for more than 13 years, has successfully completed numerous civil and criminal investigations throughout Southern California. As a police officer, Ms. Romero completed all POST classroom and situational training and worked thereafter in various capacities including Forgery/Fraud investigations, Vice Operations, and Special Undercover Assignments while enforcing Traffic, Penal, Municipal, and Health and Safety code laws. Since retirement, Ms. Romero has been recognized by clients for her attention to detail, diligent delivery of work product and interviewing skills. She has successfully testified in state and federal courts in both civil and criminal matters.

Xinia Chambers - Office Manager


"Z" runs the office for Chambers Law Firm. She makes sure that your calls are returned promptly, your questions are answered quickly and your experience with the office is a good one. She keeps Mr. Chambers's calendar and is your day-to-day point of contact concerning your case. She understands that dealing with a criminal case, whether for yourself or a loved one, is one of the most stressful events that one can experience. Her compassionate, calm and friendly personality, along with her previous experience as a nursing professional, are perfectly suited to help our office run smoothly. She is also a native Spanish speaker and serves as the firm's interpreter for its Spanish-speaking clients.
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First up was Southern California-based defense attorney the show’s go-to guy for all things law related, Dan Chambers. We discussed the SCOTUS decisions. Dan’s experience and perspective helped shed some seriously-needed light on the nuances of the rulings on racism, gay marriage, and Obamacare.

Criminal Defense Attorney Qualifications

Dan’s professional background and education place him in an ideal position to serve as your expert southern California criminal defense lawyer.

super lawyersEducation: Dan received his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Iowa, majoring in Political Science and graduating summa cum laude. He then went on to receive his Juris Doctor from Southwestern University School of Law in 1991. He graduated second in his class and earned the prestigious position of Editor-in-Chief of the Southwestern University Law Review.

Experience: Dan was admitted to the California Bar in 1991. He then joined the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office where he served as a felony trial deputy in Inglewood, Eastlake Juvenile Court, Compton and downtown Los Angeles. Upon leaving the District Attorney’s Office, Dan embarked on a successful private practice, handling a wide variety of complex litigation matters. He built a solid reputation for quality legal work and service for his clients, litigating sophisticated cases that involved highly technical legal issues. Dan was a Partner at three major law firms (Rutan & Tucker, LLP 2005-2009, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP Feb 2009-May 2010, and Troutman Sanders LLP May 2010-April 2013) before opening his own practice as a southern California criminal defense attorney.

Don’t Leave your Case to Chance – Hire Dan

Hiring anyone other than the finest criminal defense attorney in Southern California is a huge gamble. If you leave your choice of attorney to chance, you might find yourself stuck with a lawyer who is too busy or too distracted to give your case the attention it deserves. Or, you might end up with an attorney who meets with you once and then leaves your fate in the hands of an inexperienced junior associate. Either way, you may not get the best possible representation, and you could lose your freedom as a result.

When you hire an experienced, dedicated, and focused criminal defense lawyer like Dan, you know you are getting the highest quality legal service. Dan will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case and formulate a strategy early on to get you the best result and the quickest resolution to your case. Dan believes in leaving no stone unturned and will not take shortcuts with your case. Best of all, Dan handles your case personally. You will never be passed off to another attorney or forced to cut through layers of secretaries and assistants to talk to him about your case. Unless he is in court, Dan is available to talk to you 24/7. Call for your free consultation today.