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UPDATED 10-08-2020: Chambers Law Firm Frees Client Who Spent 16 Years in Prison


UPDATED 02-26-2020: New Netflix series raises striking parallels To Chambers Law Firm’s upcoming death penalty trial involving Kareem Leiva


UPDATED 01-29-2020: Golden State Killer case, other factors could delay Erika Sandoval retrial


UPDATED 12-04-2019:CBS 48 Hours – “The Killing of Officer Green” Airs Live, Saturday, December 7, 2019, at 10/9 Central Time


UPDATED 12-03-2019: Justice wasn’t served’: jury fails to reach a verdict in the murder of this Exeter Police Officer


UPDATED 12-03-2019: By a slim margin, jury hung in trial of ex-wife accused of killing Exeter police officer


UPDATED 12-04-2019: One holdout in Erika Sandoval murder trial leads to hung jury & mistrial


UPDATED 12-02-2019: Jurors in Erika Sandoval trial say they can’t reach a verdict


UPDATED 11-22-2019: Deliberations for the trial of 33-year-old Erika Sandoval will continue on Dec 2nd


UPDATED 11-22-2019: Jurors deciding if the death of Exeter Police Officer Daniel Green was murder or manslaughter

UPDATED 11-20-2019: Jurors will start deliberating in Erika Sandoval trial on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

UPDATED 11-13-19: Twin Brother of Murdered Exeter Police Officer Testifies

UPDATED 11-13-19: Unexpected witness called in Erika Sandoval murder trial

UPDATED 11-6-19: Erika Sandoval Continues Her Testimony

UPDATED 10-31-19: Erika Sandoval, accused of murdering officer ex-husband, testifies in her own murder trial

UPDATED 10-25-19: Defense calls former police sergeant as witness

UPDATED 10-16-19: Victim ‘dehumanized’ his ex-wife accused of pulling trigger

UPDATED 10-3-19: Chambers Law Firm Makes Their Opening Statement

UPDATED 10-1-19: Opening statements expected to begin for the murder trail of an Exeter police officer

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