What do I do if I am accused of rape?

If you are accused of rape, you should be aware of the serious nature of this crime.  Under California law, rape is nonconsensual sexual intercourse accomplished through threats, force, or fraud OR with a victim who is unconscious or otherwise incapable of consenting.Rape is a felony in California, punishable by between 3 and 8 years in California state prison.  In addition, a victim can also file a civil lawsuit for damages — even without a conviction in criminal court.

Even a false rape allegation can have a devastating impact on your life.  That is why it is important to take any accusation seriously — even one that you know to be false.  First, know and understand your rights, starting with the right to remain silent. If you are brought in for questioning or if the police show up at your door, do not talk to them or offer any information. Similarly, do not talk about the allegation or try to explain yourself.  Second, contact an criminal defense lawyer Orange County, CA as soon as possible.  Your attorney can advocate on your behalf with law enforcement, protect you from incriminating yourself, and help you build a strong defense if charges are brought by a prosecutor.

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