What happens if you are arrested while out on bail?

If you are arrested while out on bail, it can have serious implications for your criminal case. First, if your criminal attorney Orange County, CA was attempting to negotiate a reduction or dismissal of the charges against you, it may cause the prosecutor to stop any type of plea agreement talks and move forward with trial.

Second, if you were on bail for a felony offense, and you are arrested for another felony, then you could be charged with an enhancement. This is known as a “crime bail crime.” It could add an extra 2 years to any sentence that you may receive for the new offense.

Third, your bail may decide to revoke your bail, take you into custody, and not set a new bail. The court may also increase your bail if it was initially set below the bail schedule. If you or a loved one used a bail bondsman to post bail, and your bail is revoked, then the money that you paid to the bail bond company will be forfeited.

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