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The most common kind of sex trafficking is the transfer of persons over international borders for the purpose of sexual intercourse. Any kind of human trafficking is obviously unlawful and punishable by law, but sex trafficking instances are particularly serious, and federal law enforcement and prosecutors will investigate and prosecute these types of sex offenses severely.

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The Mann Act

It is a federal felony to transport individuals across state borders, or compel them to travel across state lines, in order to engage in prostitution, according to the Mann Act, which was approved by Congress in 1910. The Mann Act will be used by federal prosecutors to prosecute anybody involved in human trafficking, and this sort of federal offense carries severe penalties.

A frequent human trafficking scenario involves persons from a foreign nation being recruited to travel to the United States in exchange for work possibilities. Typically, human traffickers will assist in gaining unlawful entry into the United States, assisting them in avoiding immigration authorities at the border.

After they arrive in the United States, the traffickers will offer them work and convince them that they must work to cover the costs of their entry. Most of the time, they are told they must labor until their debt is paid, but the earnings are so poor that they are unable to pay the whole amount demanded by the traffickers.

In most cases of sex trafficking, the victims are compelled to participate in prostitution in order to repay the supposed debt. They are frequently teenage females who have been forced to work in a brothel where the traffickers can keep a tight grip on their activities.

If you are being investigated by the federal government for human trafficking, sex trafficking, or a similar offense, you should speak with a federal criminal lawyer about the allegations and your legal options moving forward.

Federal laws on human trafficking

The majority of federal human trafficking cases involve persons being moved across a state or international border, which is why this crime is prosecuted at the federal level. A federal criminal offense is prosecuted in a federal court, as opposed to a state-level prosecution.

This is why you should hire a federal criminal defense lawyer who has handled matters in federal courts before. Let’s take a look at some of the federal statutes that deal with human trafficking and associated crimes.

The United States has signed a number of international accords aimed at combating human trafficking. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA), for example, is a federal law passed in 2000 that aims to protect victims of human trafficking. Anyone convicted of human trafficking faces harsh penalties under this federal statute. More crucially, it makes human trafficking a felony that may be prosecuted by a federal prosecutor under the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations Act, generally known as a “RICO” violation.

Furthermore, the TPVA empowers a judge to order a defendant to pay restitution to human trafficking victims, as well as the ability to seek civil damages from the offender.

Potential punishments for a conviction of sex trafficking

A defendant who is convicted of kidnapping another person for the purpose of enslavement faces up to 20 years in prison. A defendant who is convicted of keeping or selling someone in involuntary servitude faces up to 20 years in prison. If the offender causes significant physical harm or death, or if the offense involves kidnapping or sexual abuse, the criminal might face a life term in federal prison.

Sex trafficking is defined as a commercial sex act induced by force, fraud, or coercion, as well as recruitment, harboring, transportation, or obtaining someone for labor or services, or coercion for the purpose of subjecting them to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.

Building a strong defense against allegations of sex trafficking

Human and sex trafficking are deemed modern-day slave trades, and federal prosecutors will pursue heavy punishments vigorously. It’s worth noting that sex trafficking charges are among the most serious sexual offenses in the federal criminal justice system. In many situations, even being accused of being involved in the sex trafficking of kids is enough to sway a jury.

The federal prosecutor will have to establish all of the components of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. This is why you need an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer who can spot flaws in the case and successfully convey this information to a jury. You have a far greater chance of avoiding a conviction if your counsel can raise reasonable doubt.

Your defense attorney must also be conversant with federal laws and processes, which differ significantly from those of a state prosecution. Our skilled attorneys can craft a solid defense strategy and may be able to call into question key evidence in the case.

We may be able to negotiate a reduced charge with the federal prosecutor or persuade them that there is insufficient evidence to convict and drop the case. We are exceptional negotiators who may be able to negotiate a fair plea deal. There are a number of viable defenses in human trafficking and sex trafficking cases, but we must carefully analyze all the circumstances in order to establish an effective approach.

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