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Top Orange County Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Have you been accused of a domestic violence crime? Protect your rights by hiring Chambers Law Firm now.

Domestic violence crimes are taken very seriously in California. In fact, most prosecutorial agencies  have special units dedicated to the prosecution of domestic violence crimes, and they will pursue these cases even if the alleged victim recants their story or decides they do not want to press charges. The best way to protect your rights in the face of this kind of aggressive prosecution is to hire a skilled and experienced domestic violence defense attorney. Chambers Law Firm makes an excellent choice of representation, thanks to our detailed knowledge of the legal statues and case law relevant to domestic violence crimes, and to our dedication to securing the best possible outcome for our clients.

Common Domestic Violence Crimes

There is a tendency to think of domestic violence as something that goes on between husbands and wives. But the reality is, spouses, fiancés, cohabitants, dating partners, and even exes with whom you have children are all protected under domestic violence laws. Depending on the details of the alleged abuse, you could face charges for:

Domestic Battery: Any offensive touching of a domestic partner can result in charges for domestic battery. The contact does not have to leave any visible injury.

Corporal Injury to a Spouse: If you hit, kick, scratch, slap, or otherwise violently attack a domestic partner and it leaves any kind of visible injury, you could be charged with this crime.

Criminal Threats: If you make a threat against a domestic partner, you may be charged with criminal threats. This crime may not sound too serious, but it can be charged as a felony, in which case it could count as a felony under the California Three Strikes Law.

Intimate Partner Stalking: Following a current or former intimate partner and/or engaging in a pattern of harassing or threatening behaviors is a special form of stalking that can be prosecuted as a domestic violence crime.

Elder Abuse: In cases where the domestic partner is 65 or older, any kind of physical or emotional abuse could result in charges for elder abuse.

Rely on Chambers Law Firm for Domestic Violence Defense

Unfortunately, alleged domestic violence victims do sometimes make false accusations in an effort to hurt or punish the alleged offender or to gain the upper hand in a civil matter, such as a child custody dispute or a divorce battle. If you have been falsely accused, don’t worry. Chambers Law Firm will help you tell your side of the story and leverage all available evidence to help defeat the charges. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to show that you are innocent or that you acted in self defense, in which case the charges against you should be dropped. We are also experienced litigators who can defend you in court if needed. If the evidence against you is very strong , we can instead focus on securing a fair and lenient plea deal for you. In many cases, we are able to secure deals that keep our clients out of jail.

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