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Orange County Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Don’t let a drug charge ruin your future. Chambers Law Firm can help you fight back.

Despite recent reforms in California drug laws regarding decriminalization of certain recreational marijuana and low-level possession offenses, most police and prosecutors want to appear “tough on drugs.” This means they treat drug crimes quite aggressively and many defendants end up having their futures destroyed by seemingly minor offenses.

The best way to protect yourself in the face of aggressive investigation and prosecution of a drug crime is to retain an equally aggressive defense attorney. Chambers Law Firm makes an excellent choice. We understand the best legal strategies to use against any kind of drug charge, and we will work diligently to resolve your case as quickly and favorably as possible.

Types of Drug Crimes

A wide variety of substances are considered drugs under California law. This includes all kinds of illegal narcotics such as cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, LSD and methamphetamine, as well as medications such as Vicodin and Codeine whenever they are not lawfully prescribed. Common criminal charges involving these substances include:

Possession: If drugs have been found on your person or in an area of your immediate control, you could be charged with possession.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: It is misdemeanor to possess any kind of paraphernalia used to inject or smoke an illegal substance. This includes items like needles, pipes, and cocaine spoons.

Under the Influence: If you are intoxicated by an illegal drug—or a legal drug that you do not have a prescription for—you can face misdemeanor charges.

Possession with Intent to Sell: It is a felony to possess drugs with the intent to sell them. A large quantity of drugs, drugs divided into separate packages, scales, packing materials, weapons, and large sums of cash can all potentially be used as evidence of intent to sell.

Drug Trafficking: If you transport, sell, or furnish drugs to any person, you could face very serious penalties for the crime of drug trafficking.

Cultivation/Manufacturing: Operating a meth lab, making hashish from marijuana, cultivating or harvesting peyote, or growing more marijuana plants than permitted by law can result in criminal charges.

DUI of Drugs: You could be charged with DUI of drugs if your driving abilities are impaired by any kind of drug or narcotic, even one that has been legally prescribed to you.

Marijuana Crimes: Although recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are legal in California, you can still face criminal charges for certain activities such as possessing large amounts of marijuana or selling marijuana without a proper license.

Let Us Find the Best Defense Strategy for You

Depending on the charges you face and the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime, there may be a variety of legal strategies to pursue. As your drug crimes defense attorney, you can rely on Chambers Law Firm to carefully investigate the facts of your case to uncover all possible evidence that could be used for your defense. We will pay special attention to protecting you from any kind of illegal evidence, such as evidence obtained by coerced confession, by entrapment, or by illegal search and seizure. Often, we are able to undermine the prosecution’s case to such a degree that they end up dropping the charges against you entirely or agreeing to a substantially reduced charge and penalty. We will work hard to keep you out of jail whenever possible, substituting alternative penalties like probation, drug counseling, or community service.

You Could Qualify For Drug Diversion

If you are accused of certain low level, non-violent drug crimes, you could qualify for a drug diversion program that will divert you out of the court system and into a drug rehabilitation center. If you successfully complete your program and meet any other conditions the judge may place on you, the charges against you may be dismissed.

Call Now for a Free Consultation

If you have been accused of any kind of drug crime, you can contact Chambers Law Firm at 855-397-0210 for aggressive and effective defense representation. The initial consultation is always free and we offer fair and affordable payment plans.

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