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Post-Conviction Relief

SB 1437 Resentencing

Chambers Law Firm can help you explore all possible options for post-conviction relief

Having a criminal conviction on your permanent record can cast a long shadow over your future, making it difficult to secure employment or professional licenses as well as affecting your reputation in the community. Fortunately, the law does provide several different options for post-conviction relief, whether you have been wrongfully convicted/sentenced or you simply need help restoring your reputation after serving your debt to society.

At Chambers Law Firm, we can assist with petitions for all kinds of post-conviction relief, including:

Appeals: If a legal error was made in the handling of your original case, and this error affected the outcome of your case, you can appeal the trial court’s decision. This may result in the conviction being overturned, in a new trial being ordered, or in an adjustment being made to an unfair sentence.

Habeas Corpus: Obtaining a writ of habeas corpus represents the last best hope for justice for individuals who are being unlawfully imprisoned or restrained. Habeas corpus is an extraordinary measure only available in specific circumstances.

Prop 47 Resentencing: If you have received a felony conviction for a drug or theft crime that is now a misdemeanor under Prop 47, you can file a resentencing petition to get the charge and sentence reduced.

Expungement: Getting a conviction expunged will remove it from your criminal record. You can honestly say you have not been convicted of that crime, and it will no longer appear on background checks run by most organizations. With the exception of certain sex crimes, most California crimes are eligible for expungement, provided you did not have to serve time in a state prison, you have successfully completed all the terms of your sentence, and you are not currently charged with or on probation for another crime.

Certificates of Rehabilitation: Even if your conviction cannot be expunged, you may still be able to achieve relief through a certificate of rehabilitation. This will prevent state licensing agencies from discriminating against you based on your conviction and relieve most sex offenders from registration requirements. Depending on the nature of the original conviction, you may have to wait seven to ten years after serving your sentence to apply for a certificate of rehabilitation.

Governor’s Pardons: A governor’s pardon will not seal or destroy your criminal records, but it does offer significant post-conviction relief, including the restitution of your gun rights and the right to serve on juries.

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At Chambers Law Firm, we are passionate about helping all our clients move on as quickly and successfully as possible after a criminal conviction. We will ensure all possible avenues for post-conviction relief are explored in your case and make sure the necessary legal paperwork is filled out correctly and on time. To learn more, call us at 855-397-0210 now and request your free initial consultation.