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Following the liberalization of California marijuana laws and other drug use laws, there has been a definite uptick in the number of individuals getting charged for DUI of drugs. Prosecutors as well as police are now taking a more aggressive approach to these cases.

If you have been charged with a drug DUI, it is imperative that you have an equally aggressive and skilled drug DUI attorney in Anaheim CA on your side, defending your rights and interests and making sure you do not become a victim of overzealous prosecution and punishment of this offense.

We Take All Kinds of Drug DUI Cases

In a drug DUI case, the legality of the drug itself is irrelevant. What matters is whether or not the drug can affect your judgment, concentration, alertness, or motor skills to the point where it becomes unsafe for you to drive. As an experienced drug DUI attorney in Anaheim CA, we have successfully represented clients accused of driving under the influence of all kinds of drugs, including:

  • Prescription medications
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • LSD
  • Methamphetamine
  • Other illegal drugs

Now You May Wonder…

…What if I Failed a Drug Test? Can a Drug DUI Attorney in Anaheim CA Still Help Me?

Yes. You should never assume your case is hopeless just because you failed a drug test. As your drug DUI attorney in Anaheim CA, we can always find some way to help you. Just because you failed a drug test does not necessarily mean you will be found guilty of DUI of drugs. The law requires prosecutors to prove that your driving ability was actually impaired by the drug. Drug tests are not very useful for this purpose because they cannot prove how the drug affected your body. When interpreting the results of a drug test, the following factors affecting impairment must be considered:

  • Your metabolism
  • The type of drug you took
  • The dosage or amount of drug
  • When you took the drug
  • How long you’ve been using the drug

If necessary, we can consult a forensic toxicologist to discuss the impact of the drug on your system and whether you were impaired at the time you were driving.

Get the Best Defense Strategy for Your Case

As your drug DUI attorney in Anaheim CA, you can rely on Chambers Law Firm to select the best defense strategy given the facts of your case and work hard to resolve your case as quickly as possible. The most advantageous outcome we can achieve would be for the DA to drop the charges against you altogether due to insufficient evidence. This would save you from the stress and delay of a trial. However, we will fight for you in court if this is necessary to prevent a conviction.

Even if you need to plead guilty, we can still provide valuable assistance as your defense attorney. We will help you secure a favorable plea deal, possibly including a reduced charge as well as a reduced penalty.

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