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You have a right to have an attorney who will be on your side. You have a right to an attorney who will fight for you. You will get that and much more when you choose Chambers Law Firm as your elder abuse lawyer in Azusa CA. We will consider all defense options, keep you in the loop as your case develops, and provide the expert assistance you need. Just call us at 714-760-4088 to request a free consultation.

We Know That There Are Often Innocent Explanations for Alleged Elder Abuse

There are certain people, known as mandatory reporters, who are required by law to report any sign of abuse – even if there is an innocent explanation. The purpose of this is to help prevent people from being abused for years, but the downside is that the innocent are often investigated and even charged. If this is you, then it is time to contact an elder abuse lawyer in Azusa CA who can help you.

Choose an Elder Abuse Lawyer in Azusa CA Who Can Help with a Variety of Charges

There are many ways alleged elder abuse may be charged. In some cases, it may involve charges of physical abuse in which a person was injured. It may involve charges of neglect or endangerment, if a person was placed into a situation in which they were unsafe.

We have also helped clients with charges such as emotional abuse, which involves ridiculing, isolating, or causing an elder to suffer unnecessarily. Financial abuse is another example of elder abuse and involves fraud against a senior or otherwise exploiting them financially. We recommend contacting an elder abuse lawyer in Azusa CA that can help with any of these charges as the specific charges you face may change.

Work with an Elder Abuse Lawyer in Azusa CA Who Will Take Your Case Seriously

There are many potential defense options and the right one for any particular case will vary based on a wide variety of factors. The key is not to find the right defense option but to find the right elder abuse lawyer in Azusa CA. We will consider all the facts, look at the evidence, and speak with you in order to offer the best possible defense for your unique needs.

Trust Your Elder Abuse Lawyer in Azusa CA to Provide the Best Defense Option

There is not one single defense option that works for every case. Instead, your elder abuse lawyer in Azusa CA will carefully assess your case to find the best way to proceed. Defense options including showing that the allegations are entirely false, that there was harm but it was accident, or that someone else committed the abuse.

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