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There may be nothing more terrifying than facing a criminal charge that could result in a three strikes sentencing enhancement. These laws can lead people to spend decades more in prison than their charge would suggestion. The good news is that you do have help: By finding Chambers Law Firm you have found a three strikes defense lawyer in Buena Park CA who is ready to help you.

Do Not Accept a Third Strike Conviction without Fighting Back

If you are convicted of a third strike, you could face many more years – even decades – in prison than you would otherwise have faced. We do not want to see you pay again for a crime you were already convicted of and penalized for – we will fight for you to not have to deal with any of the sentencing enhancements that come with a Third Strike.

Only Certain Felonies Count as a Third Strike

According to California law, only certain felonies count as a third strike. Not only must it be a felony but it must also be considered “serious” or “violent” by the court. For example, rape, kidnapping, child molestation, assault with a deadly weapon using a firearm, and some drug charges. If you are facing one of these types of felonies then you need to talk to a Three Strikes Defense Lawyer in Buena Park CA.

We Will Work for a Not Guilty Verdict or to Have the Charges Dropped

We will always start by looking at the first and best option: Having your charges dropped or getting a not guilty verdict at trial. This is the best option because it means you will not have any penalties to face. However, if there is a wealth of evidence then your three strikes defense lawyer in Buena Park CA may suggest a different option.

We Can Work to Have the Charged Reduced

If there is too much evidence to beat the third strike then we may work to have it reduced. This may require you to plead guilty to a lesser charge, but if we can get it reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor then you will not face Third Strike penalties.

We Can Work to Strike a Past Strike

We can use a Romero Motion to request that a judge dismiss a past strike conviction. The judge will then consider how serious that charge was, how serious the current charge is, and other information about you and your criminal history. If your three strikes defense lawyer in Buena Park CA can convince the judge that it would not do you justice to be convicted of a third strike, this may work.

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