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Seek sentencing relief now with help from your local Prop 47 attorney in Costa Mesa CA.

If you’re looking for a Prop 47 attorney in Costa Mesa CA, you are no doubt already aware of the potential for sentencing reductions that this new law offers to certain non-violent offenders. As an experienced attorney who always exhausts every possible option to help his clients, Chambers Law Firm is following the development of Prop 47 resentencing procedures very closely. You can trust Dan to correctly apply the specifics of Prop 47 to your unique case as your Prop 47 attorney in Costa Mesa CA.

What Convictions Qualify for Prop 47 Sentencing Relief?

Prop 47 will automatically help those who are currently facing charges. However, if you have already been convicted, you need to hire a Prop 47 lawyer in Costa Mesa CA and file a resentencing petition. You can do this even if you have already completed your sentence. The main convictions that would qualify for Prop 47 include:

  • Petty theft
  • Forgery of a check, bond, money order, etc.
  • Passing a bad check
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Possession of certain drugs

However, if you have certain serious or violent felonies or sex crimes on your record, you will not be eligible for Prop 47 resentencing for the above crimes. Crimes involving more than $950 are also ineligible.

Why Hire Dan as Your Prop 47 Lawyer in Costa Mesa CA

Getting your Prop 47 resentencing petition approved can mean the difference between staying in jail for your full sentence or getting out and on with your life earlier. Considering how important your resentencing petition is, you want to find a Prop 47 lawyer in Costa Mesa CA you can really trust. Choose Dan because:

  • Dan Is Experienced: A mistake in your resentencing petition could result in delaying your rightful benefits for months or years! Because Dan is an experienced attorney, you can count on him to prepare your petition correctly the first time.
  • Dan Provides Personal Attention: Some law offices hang a senior attorney’s name on the door, but rely on inexperienced junior attorneys to do all the work. At Chambers Law Firm, you work directly with Dan every step of the way. You can even call him on his personal cell phone when you have questions about your case.
  • Dan is Dedicated: Dan doesn’t just go through the motions, using cookie-cutter solutions to legal matters. As your Prop 47 attorney in Costa Mesa CA, he will work hard to provide service tailored to your exact needs to give you the best possible chance of getting your felony reduced.

Find Out if You Qualify Today

All resentencing petitions need to be filed by November 5, 2017. Get a head start on the process by calling Chambers Law Firm today. We’ll schedule a free consultation to help you understand if you qualify and let you get to know your new Prop 47 attorney in Costa Mesa CA.

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