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Welcome to Chambers Law Firm, where as your DUI Lawyer in Covina CA, we empathize with the difficulty of facing a DUI charge. This is why we make ourselves available day and night for free consultations, lending our expertise when you need it most. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience at 714-760-4088 to arrange a complimentary legal consultation.

Hold Your Ground Against DUI Consequences

Being hit with a DUI charge is a significant issue. The looming threat of driving license suspension and imminent legal confrontations can seem like a Herculean task. When arrested for DUI of alcohol, you’re propelled into two simultaneous procedures: the DMV’s administrative license suspension and the accompanying criminal charges. Venturing into these legal predicaments alone can be taxing. But with Chambers Law Firm, you have a tenacious DUI lawyer in Covina CA upholding your rights.

Evaluating the Lawfulness of the DUI Stop

The key initial step for a DUI lawyer in Covina CA is to scrutinize the legitimacy of your DUI stop. We are dedicated to protecting your rights, ensuring no violations occurred due to improper procedures or lack of probable cause. If we determine that the police didn’t have a legitimate basis for the stop or didn’t respect the necessary legal procedures, this could lead to the invalidation of your charges. Any evidence gathered during an unlawful stop may be considered inadmissible, potentially leading to the dismissal of your DUI charges.

Reviewing the Protocol of DUI Test Application

A DUI lawyer in Covina CA takes the responsibility to thoroughly investigate the execution of breathalyzer or blood tests. They leave no stone unturned to verify that all testing protocols were accurately followed. Should they find any lapses, they are well-equipped to dispute the legitimacy of the results. For instance, if the law enforcement officer didn’t observe you for the necessary 15 minutes before administering the breath test, we can argue that mouth alcohol, not your actual blood alcohol content, was mistakenly measured.

Discussing Medical Conditions with a DUI Lawyer in Covina CA

Several health conditions, including diabetes and acid reflux, and particular dietary patterns can generate alcohol-analogous compounds on your breath. These compounds could be inaccurately perceived as alcohol by a breathalyzer, leading to an overinflated blood alcohol content reading. We team up with medical authorities to delve into and emphasize these likely inaccuracies.

Exploring Innocuous Reasons for Manifestations of Intoxication

Indicators such as irregular speech, red eyes, erratic driving behavior, or lack of balance are frequently used by police officers as proof of DUI. Nevertheless, these signs can be due to exhaustion, health issues, anxiety, or other benign reasons. At our law firm, we meticulously analyze every part of your arrest to spot any possible areas of dispute.

Enlist a DUI Lawyer in Covina CA – You Don’t Have to Confront a DUI Charge Unaided

Despite how formidable the evidence might seem, we are unwavering in our belief that there’s always a way to move forward. With our assistance, we can work towards negotiating a plea deal, potentially mitigating the intensity of the charges or the penalties you could face.

Following an injury or a DUI accusation, the optimal course of action is to obtain expert legal guidance from a DUI lawyer in Covina CA. No time to lose. Contact us immediately at 714-760-4088 for a no-cost initial consultation, and let’s join forces to strive for the best possible resolution.

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