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Los Angeles County CA shoplifting attorney Dan E. Chambers may be able to help you avoid jail time

Have you ever taken an item from a store without paying for it? Maybe you slipped it into your pocket because you needed your hands free to look at something else, or maybe you carried it a few feet out the store door so a friend could give their opinion on it, fully intending to pay for it later. Either way, without the intent to steal the item, the act cannot be considered shoplifting or charged as petty theft. Expert Los Angeles County CA shoplifting attorney Chambers Law Firm can help you demonstrate lack of intent as well as use other strategies to beat or reduce shoplifting charges.

Are You a First-Time Offender?

Charge reduction and diversion programs can help first time offenders avoid many of the more serious consequences of a shoplifting conviction. If you hire Dan E. Chambers as your Los Angeles County CA shoplifting lawyer, he will guide you through this process.

For example, if you stole less than $50 worth of goods, the prosecutor can charge you with an infraction or a misdemeanor at their discretion. With Dan E. Chambers as your shoplifting attorney in Los Angeles County CA, you can rest assured the prosecutor will be presented with very convincing arguments for reducing the charges to an infraction so you can simply pay a fine and walk away with a clean record.

Chambers Law Firm Handles Cases Big and Small

Not all shoplifting cases are as straightforward as first-time offenses, but an experienced shoplifting lawyer in Los Angeles County CA like Dan can handle every kind of shoplifting case with ease. Dan is intimately familiar with all the laws that govern petty theft and grand theft in California, and he can help you secure the best possible outcome to your case, even if you already have priors. As a former prosecutor himself, Dan understands how prosecutors build their cases, and he knows how to undermine them.

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Often, people make the mistake of believing that a shoplifting charge is no big deal and they should just plead guilty without consulting a shoplifting lawyer in Los Angeles County CA. Dan E. Chambers offers free initial consultations to help you avoid making this mistake. Call now 714-760-4088 to set up a free appointment where you can learn more about how Dan can help you secure a more favorable outcome to your case.

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