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Chambers Law Firm, your dependable DUI Lawyer in Malibu CA, welcomes you. We acknowledge the adversity a DUI charge can introduce into your life. Therefore, we offer continuous, free consultations, providing the necessary legal guidance when it’s most needed. Contact us without delay at 714-760-4088 to secure your free legal consultation.

Maintain Your Resolve Against DUI Infractions

A DUI accusation is a serious matter. The looming possibility of forfeiting your driving license, along with impending legal altercations, can seem like an enormous challenge. If you’re arrested for DUI of alcohol, you’re immediately plunged into a twofold system: the DMV’s administrative license suspension and concurrent criminal charges. Confronting these legal complexities solo can be unnerving. However, with Chambers Law Firm, you gain a committed DUI lawyer in Malibu CA defending your rights.

Assessing the Legality of the DUI Stop

Our initial priority as your DUI lawyer in Malibu CA is to assess the legality of the DUI stop. We’re here to ensure your rights have not been breached through irregular procedures or lack of probable cause. If our investigation uncovers that there wasn’t a lawful reason for your stop or the legal regulations weren’t adhered to, this could nullify your charges. Any evidence collected under such unlawful circumstances could be ruled inadmissible, potentially resulting in the dismissal of your DUI case.

Inspecting the Accuracy of DUI Test Administration

In their pursuit of justice, a DUI lawyer in Malibu CA rigorously assesses the process used for breathalyzer or blood tests. They know that the reliability of the results hinges on the strict observance of the standard procedures for these tests. If deviations from these protocols are discovered, the lawyer can dispute the trustworthiness of the test findings. For example, the required 15-minute observation period before a breath test – if not complied with, could mean the breathalyzer recorded mouth alcohol, not the actual blood alcohol content.

Understanding the Influence of Medical Conditions on DUI Charges with a DUI Lawyer in Malibu CA

It’s important to note that several medical conditions and specific dietary practices can lead to the presence of alcohol-mimicking compounds in your breath. These compounds can be mistakenly identified as alcohol by a breathalyzer, which could unjustly escalate your blood alcohol content reading. We engage with medical specialists to investigate and highlight these potential inaccuracies.

Illuminating Valid Reasons Behind Appearances of Intoxication

Law enforcement officers often cite symptoms like slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, unusual driving patterns, or an unsteady gait as evidence of DUI. However, these signs could also be attributed to fatigue, illness, nervousness, or other innocent causes. We make it our mission to scrutinize every aspect of the arrest process to identify potential points of contention.

Get Help from a DUI Lawyer in Malibu CA – Never Face a DUI Charge Alone

Despite the weight of evidence that might appear to be against you, we hold the conviction that there’s always a viable strategy. With our services at your disposal, we have the capability to negotiate a plea deal, potentially lessening the severity of the allegations or the repercussions that you could face.

Following an injury or a DUI accusation, the optimal course of action is to obtain expert legal guidance from a DUI lawyer in Malibu CA. No time to lose. Contact us immediately at 714-760-4088 for a no-cost initial consultation, and let’s join forces to strive for the best possible resolution.

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