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Welcome to Chambers Law Firm, where as your DUI Lawyer Near Me, we empathize with the difficulty of facing a DUI charge. This is why we make ourselves available day and night for free consultations, lending our expertise when you need it most. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience at 714-760-4088 to arrange a complimentary legal consultation.

Remain Resilient in the Face of DUI Penalties

Facing a DUI charge can be a daunting experience, especially with the threat of losing your driving privileges and ensuing legal proceedings. When you’re apprehended for DUI of alcohol, you’re suddenly thrust into two bureaucratic processes: the DMV’s administrative license suspension and associated criminal charges. Attempting to traverse these legal terrains single-handedly can be distressing. But with Chambers Law Firm, you have a steadfast DUI lawyer Near Me advocating for your rights.

Investigating the Legitimacy of the DUI Stop

As a DUI lawyer Near Me, the primary focus is on investigating the legal validity of your DUI stop. It’s our duty to ensure your rights weren’t compromised through improper procedures or a lack of probable cause. If our findings reveal that the law enforcement officers didn’t have a legitimate reason for stopping you or didn’t comply with the necessary legal requirements, your charges might be considered invalid. Any evidence procured from an illegal stop could be ruled unpermitted, potentially leading to your DUI charges being cleared.

Evaluation of DUI Test Procedure

Armed with extensive knowledge and dedication, a DUI lawyer Near Me will methodically examine the conduction of the breathalyzer or blood tests. Strict regulations dictate how these tests must be administered, and any deviation could call into question the accuracy of the results. For example, if there wasn’t a 15-minute observation period before administering the breath test, we can argue that the reading was affected by mouth alcohol rather than a true reflection of your blood alcohol content.

Importance of Sharing Medical Conditions with Your DUI Lawyer Near Me

It’s important to note that several medical conditions and specific dietary practices can lead to the presence of alcohol-mimicking compounds in your breath. These compounds can be mistakenly identified as alcohol by a breathalyzer, which could unjustly escalate your blood alcohol content reading. We engage with medical specialists to investigate and highlight these potential inaccuracies.

Clarifying Innocent Justifications for Symptoms of Inebriation

Observations like impaired speech, inflamed eyes, abnormal driving maneuvers, or instability while walking are commonly considered by law enforcement as indications of DUI. But these manifestations could be the result of tiredness, sickness, stress, or other non-alcoholic factors. Our legal team is dedicated to thoroughly examining each detail of your arrest to pinpoint possible grounds for challenge.

Enlist a DUI Lawyer Near Me – You Don’t Have to Confront a DUI Charge Unaided

Despite how formidable the evidence might seem, we are unwavering in our belief that there’s always a way to move forward. With our assistance, we can work towards negotiating a plea deal, potentially mitigating the intensity of the charges or the penalties you could face.

After experiencing an injury or being hit with a DUI charge, the most beneficial step to take is seeking professional legal counsel from a DUI lawyer Near Me. Time is precious. Call us right away at 714-760-4088 for your complimentary initial consultation, and let’s work hand in hand towards the most advantageous conclusion.

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