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For an aggressive defense strategy hire Dan. E Chambers as your nursing home abuse lawyer in Orange County CA.

The majority of reported cases of elder abuse involve non-professional caretakers, typically relatives of the victims. When nursing homes are properly run, the risk of resident abuse or neglect should be very small. While the abundance of news reports on horrific instances of abuse and neglect at substandard facilities is good for raising public awareness of the problem of elder abuse, it also has the potential to increase the number of unfounded accusations of abuse that are made against nursing home staff. Considering how devastating an accusation of abuse can be to your career as a nursing home caregiver, you would not want to trust your case to just any nursing home abuse lawyer in Orange County CA. Instead, hire Chambers Law Firm and rest assured you have an attorney that will fight aggressively for justice in your case.

Dan E. Chambers can help with every aspect of your case, starting with posting bail quickly if necessary. When you hire Dan, you never have to worry about being unable to reach your attorney He will give you his personal cell phone number for any questions or concerns you may have.

What’s At Risk in a Nursing Home Abuse Case?

Depending on the circumstances of your case, the consequences of a nursing home abuse conviction may be quite severe. You may face anything from 1 year in county jail for a misdemeanor to as much as 11 years in federal prison for a felony case in which the victim suffered great bodily injury or death. Besides these legal consequences, you would also face significant damage to your reputation and your career. Don’t risk your future by relying on the public defender as your nursing home abuse lawyer in Orange County CA. Instead, hire Dan E. Chambers, an experienced professional who understands the high stakes that are involved and will fight hard to protect your rights and interests.

Legal Defenses for Nursing Home Abuse

Because the legal statutes on elder abuse are so complicated, there are many different possible avenues that a nursing home abuse lawyer in Orange County CA can explore when crafting a defense. This may include:

  • False Accusations
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Insufficient Evidence
  • No Willful Injury
  • No Criminal Negligence

Even if the evidence against you is quite strong, your nursing home abuse lawyer in Orange County CA won’t give up on you. There may still be other options to explore such as a plea deal that will reduce the charges from a felony to a misdemeanor or bring the case to a resolution without a lengthy trial.

Dan E. Chambers Helps with Related Charges Too

Depending on the nature of the alleged nursing home abuse, it’s possible that you may face additional charges such as:

  • Battery
  • Rape
  • Involuntary manslaughter
  • Criminal threats

As a nursing home abuse lawyer in Orange County CA who also has extensive experience in all aspects of criminal law, Dan E. Chambers can prepare a comprehensive defense for your case including measures to address these related charges.

Free Consultations with a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer in Orange County CA

If you have been accused of nursing home abuse, you can take advantage of the free initial consultations offered at Chambers Law Firm. These consultations provide an excellent opportunity to meet Dan E. Chambers in person and experience his high level of service for yourself. Please call 714-760-4088 to schedule your consultation.

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