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Accused of running an online scam? Hire your internet fraud attorney in Upland CA today.

According to investigation done by the FBI, there are over 300,000 complaints about internet fraud each year. Roughly 10 percent of the complaints come from California, and now both state and federal organizations are making an effort to crack down on internet fraud. Whether you have been charged with internet fraud or are only being investigated, now is the time to hire an internet fraud attorney in Upland CA.

One Internet Fraud Attorney in Upland CA for All Charges

Internet fraud is defined as the intentional participation in a plan specifically designed to defraud an individual of money, goods, or personal information using the internet. Naturally this encompasses a diverse range of activities punishable under California law and federal law. As an experienced internet fraud attorney in Upland CA who understands the law in full, Chambers Law Firm can provide quality representation in any case. Dan has what it takes to represent clients accused of:

  • Phishing
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Auction fraud
  • Non-delivery of merchandise fraud
  • Advance fee fraud
  • Overpayment fraud
  • Prize scams
  • Online securities fraud
  • Work-at-home scams
  • Computer hacking

Failure to Benefit from a Fraud Will Not Protect You

It is extremely important to understand that failing to actually secure any money, goods, or personal information through an alleged fraud is not a valid defense against charges. Whether or not a scheme was successful in defrauding others of money, property, or other interests will likely only affect the severity of the penalties you face. You will still face a charge and you will still need an internet fraud attorney in Upland CA.

How Can Dan E. Chambers Help?

In his capacity as an internet fraud attorney in Upland CA, Dan E. Chambers provides assistance in the following important areas:

  • Bail: First of all, if you need to post bail Dan E. Chambers can help you do it quickly, often at a fraction of the stated amount.
  • Strategy Advice: Depending on the strength of the evidence against you and the nature of the charges, you may be best served by seeking a plea for a reduced sentence or reduced charge rather than spending months or years in the criminal court system. Dan can advise you of your options.
  • Courtroom Representation: Dan E. Chambers has ample courtroom experience. If you choose to proceed to trial he will work hard to secure the evidence needed to build an aggressive defense and give you the best possible chance of beating the charges against you.

Remember, Dan E. Chambers is available 24/7 to clients and prospective clients, unless he is in court. All clients receive his personal cell phone number so they can reach him directly whenever they have questions for their internet fraud attorney in Upland CA.

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