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Upland CA shoplifting attorney Dan E. Chambers may be able to help you avoid jail time

Have you ever taken an item from a store without paying for it? It may not have actually been shoplifting! A key part of charging someone with the petty theft crime of shoplifting is proving that they deliberately moved an item with the intention of depriving the store of the value of that item. Accidentally forgetting to pay for that item hidden in the bottom of your cart doesn’t necessarily fit the bill. By gathering evidence that can prove lack of intent, as well as through various other strategies, an expert Upland CA shoplifting attorney such as Chambers Law Firm can help you beat or reduce the charges against you.

Are You a First-Time Offender?

First-time offenders are often able to secure a positive resolution to their cases using charge reduction and diversion programs, especially if the goods they stole were not very valuable. If you hire Dan E. Chambers as your Upland CA shoplifting lawyer, he will guide you through this process.

For example, your shoplifting attorney in Upland CA may be able to convince the prosecutor to reduce your charge from a misdemeanor to an infraction. An infraction will not appear on your record and will be punished by a fine of $250 max.

Chambers Law Firm Handles Cases Big and Small

Not all shoplifting cases are as straightforward as first-time offenses, but an experienced shoplifting lawyer in Upland CA like Dan can handle every kind of shoplifting case with ease. Dan will work hard to gather the evidence that will enable him to secure the most favorable outcome possible to your case. Dan was once a prosecutor himself, and he knows just what arguments might convince your prosecutor to drop the charges or provide a deal.

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Often, people make the mistake of believing that a shoplifting charge is no big deal and they should just plead guilty without consulting a shoplifting lawyer in Upland CA. Dan E. Chambers offers free initial consultations to help you avoid making this mistake. Call now to set up a free appointment 714-760-4088 where you can learn more about how Dan can help you secure a more favorable outcome to your case.

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