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Accused of harming a senior citizen? Protect your rights and your future with help from an elder abuse attorney in Vista CA.

Whether you are a nursing home worker or a caretaker of a family member, being accused of elder abuse can be devastating. In addition to the personal pain the accusation can cause, you may also end up facing harsh criminal penalties under California’s strict elder abuse laws. For the best possible defense against the consequences of an elder abuse conviction, rely on Chambers Law Firm as your elder abuse attorney in Vista CA.

Dan E. Chambers Takes All Kinds of Cases

California law defines elder abuse as any of the following types of mistreatment of a person over age 65:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Neglect
  • Endangerment
  • Financial exploitation

These different types of abuse involve different legal principles and therefore require different defense strategies. Fortunately for you, Dan E. Chambers is an elder abuse attorney in Vista CA with the legal skills and knowledge to fight back aggressively and effectively against any type of alleged abuse.

Now you may wonder…

…what if this is all just a misunderstanding?

If the accusations against you are entirely false, or if you did not willfully harm the elder in question, don’t panic. These situations are common in elder abuse cases and an experienced elder abuse attorney in Vista CA like Dan can help. Some possible defense arguments he could employ include:

  • False Accusations
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Insufficient Evidence
  • No Willful Injury
  • No Criminal Negligence

For example, perhaps you are accused of hitting a senior when in reality their injury was suffered in a fall. Your elder abuse attorney in Vista CA can look for the evidence necessary to prove your innocence. Often, the success of your defense argument will hinge on the testimony of a medical expert. Dan can recruit respected doctors to review the evidence in your case and serve as expert witnesses for the defense when appropriate.

Why Choose Dan as Your Elder Abuse Attorney in Vista CA

  • Dan has connections with 2 trusted bail bond companies to help you get released from custody fast
  • Dan handles every case personally and even gives clients his cell number
  • Dan used to be a prosecutor so he knows what evidence the prosecution is relying on and how to undermine it
  • Dan has connections with experts who can provide an impartial evaluation of the alleged victim’s injuries and mental state
  • Dan won’t rest until every avenue for your defense has been explored

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