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There may be nothing more terrifying than facing a criminal charge that could result in a three strikes sentencing enhancement. These laws can lead people to spend decades more in prison than their charge would suggestion. The good news is that you do have help: By finding Chambers Law Firm you have found a three strikes defense lawyer in Vista CA who is ready to help you.

The Penalties Can Be Harsh – So You Must Fight Back

It is true that if you are convicted of a third strike, the penalty can be very harsh. This is exactly why you must contact a three strikes defense lawyer in Vista CA who will be on your side. When you work with Chambers Law Firm you will be working with an experienced defense attorney who understands three strikes offenses and the charges that count. He can help you find the best possible defense both to the charge you are facing and the potential sentencing enhancements that come with a Three Strikes conviction.

Do Not Panic: Your Current Charge May Not Trigger a Third-Strike Penalty

If you are facing a felony this does not mean you are necessarily in danger of third-strike penalties. Why? Because not all charges are eligible – it must be a “serious” and/or “violent” offense according to the judge. This would include things like murder, rape, kidnapping, certain drug charges, and child molestation. If the charge you are facing is not violent or serious then your three strikes defense lawyer in Vista CA can argue against you being affected by the third-strike penalties.

First: We Will Look for a Way to Have the Charges Dropped or for You to Be Found Guilty

Our initial focus will be on the best possible outcome – the District Attorney dropping the charges or getting an acquittal after trial. Even if you do not believe this is possible, your three strikes defense lawyer in Vista CA will look for options. For example, if any evidence was mishandled than that evidence may not be admissible.

Working to Have the Charge Reduced May Be the Best Option

In the event the prosecution has a lot of evidence that you have committed the crime, we may not be able to get you found not guilty or have the charges dropped. Does this mean you are out of options? Far from it. Your third strikes defense lawyer in Vista CA may be able to negotiate a reduced charge that does not count as a Strike.

Your Best Option May Be to Have an Old Offense Reclassified

If you are going to plead guilty to a strikable offense, you are still not out of options. The last-ditch effort is a Romero Motion, which, if granted, would requalify a previous charge. Instead of being a strikable offense, it would be reclassified as a non-strikable offense. You cannot be convicted of a third strike if you only have one previous strike.

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