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Whittier CA shoplifting attorney Dan E. Chambers may be able to help you avoid jail time

Shoplifting may not seem like a very serious crime, but a conviction can potentially have a serious impact on your future. Besides the possibility of fines and jail time, you could end up with a black mark on your permanent criminal record that may preclude you from getting hired for certain jobs in the future. You will certainly be unable to work retail for the 7 years that your name will appear in the national retail theft database. Don’t just assume you have to enter a guilty plea and live with these negative consequences! Hire expert Whittier CA shoplifting attorney Chambers Law Firm for the best possible resolution to your case.

Are You a First-Time Offender?

If this is your first theft-related offense, you may be eligible for charge reduction or diversion programs. Hiring Dan E. Chambers as your Whittier CA shoplifting lawyer is an excellent way to make sure you make use of any and all such options available to you.

For example, your shoplifting attorney in Whittier CA may be able to convince the prosecutor to reduce your charge from a misdemeanor to an infraction. An infraction will not appear on your record and will be punished by a fine of $250 max.

Chambers Law Firm Handles Cases Big and Small

Not all shoplifting cases are as straightforward as first-time offenses, but an experienced shoplifting lawyer in Whittier CA like Dan can handle every kind of shoplifting case with ease. Dan will work hard to gather the evidence that will enable him to secure the most favorable outcome possible to your case. Dan was once a prosecutor himself, and he knows just what arguments might convince your prosecutor to drop the charges or provide a deal.

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Often, people make the mistake of believing that a shoplifting charge is no big deal and they should just plead guilty without consulting a shoplifting lawyer in Whittier CA. Dan E. Chambers offers free initial consultations to help you avoid making this mistake. Call now 714-760-4088 to set up a free appointment where you can learn more about how Dan can help you secure a more favorable outcome to your case.

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