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Accused of participating in a criminal conspiracy? We will fight for you as your conspiracy defense attorney.

You don’t have to be some sort of criminal mastermind to be accused of conspiracy. In fact, many ordinary people end up facing this charge due to their alleged involvement in plans to commit crimes. The good news is, no matter how daunting the evidence against you may seem, Chambers Law Firm will not give up on you. Instead, we will fight aggressively for your rights and interests as your conspiracy defense attorney. We know the law and we know how to protect you.

Understanding the Crime of Conspiracy

There are two main components to a criminal conspiracy:

  • An agreement to commit a crime, entered into with one or more other individuals
  • An overt act taken in preparation for the commission of the crime

Examples of overt acts could include buying gasoline in preparation for an arson or doing surveillance in preparation for a burglary. It is very important to understand that you can be charged with conspiracy even if you are not the individual who commits the overt act, and even if the crime at the heart of the conspiracy is never completed or if you are acquitted of that crime.

The penalties for conspiracy can be very steep, because they are based on the penalties for the crime planned by the conspirators. So, for example, if a murder was planned, the conspirators could face first degree murder penalties including life in prison.

Best Defense Strategies for Conspiracy Defense

If we can prove any of the following points, we should be able to get the charges against you dropped or secure an acquittal in court:

  • There was no agreement to commit a crime
  • No one took an overt action to prepare for the crime
  • You withdrew from the conspiracy
  • You legitimately believed that the planned action was legal
  • You were falsely accused

As your conspiracy defense attorney, we will work hard to collect and analyze all the relevant evidence in your case, with the goal of identifying the best legal strategy for disproving the charges against you.

If disproving the charges is difficult, we can instead focus on securing a favorable plea deal that will protect you from any overly harsh charges or penalties. For example, we might be able to plead the charge down to a misdemeanor and keep you out of jail.

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