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Are you being accused of perjury? As an experienced perjury defense attorney, we can help.

If you’ve been accused of perjury, you’re right to be worried. Perjury is a felony in California, and you could potentially spend up to 4 years in custody if convicted. The good news is, the judge does have a lot of discretion in a perjury case. In fact, they have the option to sentence you to probation instead of jail time. The best way to ensure that you are sentenced fairly and appropriately in your case is to hire an experienced perjury defense attorney like Chambers Law Firm right now. We will work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome in your case.

Understanding Perjury Charges

Perjury is the act of deliberately and willfully giving false testimony while under oath. Perjury can be committed:

  • In court
  • In a deposition
  • In a signed declaration
  • In a signed certificate
  • In a drivers license application at the DMV

If you are accused of giving false information to the DMV, you could face the additional and separate misdemeanor charge of DMV perjury.

If you convince someone else to commit perjury, you could be charged with subornation of perjury, which will subject you to all the same penalties as if you had committed the perjury yourself.

How a Perjury Defense Attorney Can Help

On the surface, perjury may seem like a pretty straightforward offense: either you made a false statement, or you didn’t. But in reality, perjury can be difficult for prosecutors to prove. Why? Because they must show that you deliberately gave false information and you deliberately broke your oath to tell the truth. This means that any of the following arguments can provide a successful defense to a perjury charge:

  • You believed your statement was true/you provided false information by mistake
  • You misunderstood the question
  • You were not technically under oath
  • The false statement was not related to a “material fact” that could influence the outcome of the proceeding

At Chambers Law Firm, we understand perjury law in detail and you can trust us to build the strongest possible defense strategy for your specific case.

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