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You don’t have to be some sort of corporate espionage wizard in order to get accused of trade secret theft. This crime is actually more common—and less glamorous—than you might think. Since trade secret theft allegations and convictions can have a huge negative impact on your professional reputation, naturally you want the matter resolved as quickly and beneficially as possible. To accomplish this, you will need a skilled trade secret theft defense attorney like Chambers Law Firm on your side. We know the law and we will fight aggressively for you.

What is Trade Secret Theft?

Trade secret theft is a specific type of theft that applies to stealing any kind of materials containing intellectual property that is not generally known to the public. Possible examples include:

  • Formulas
  • Programs
  • Plans/Patterns
  • Tools
  • Techniques/Processes

In order for a theft to qualify as trade secret theft, the company must have taken reasonable precautions to protect the stolen property from disclosure to unauthorized individuals, and the alleged thief must have gained access to the property through a breach of contract, surreptitious surveillance, trespass, bribery, fraud, or other improper means.

Get the Right Defense for Your Case

At Chambers Law Firm, we never try to apply cookie-cutter legal solutions to our clients’ defense. Instead, we will carefully examine all the evidence in your specific case and then use it to develop an argument tailored to your need and goals for the resolution of the case. Often, in trade secret theft cases the first strategy is to try to show that there is insufficient evidence you actually stole anything. If you did acquire the secret, perhaps this was done through reverse engineering, which is not illegal. Alternatively, we may be able to argue that what you “stole” was not actually a secret, because the company did not take steps to protect it or it was already common knowledge. If you do need to plead guilty, we can help you secure a fair and favorable plea deal that will expose you to the most lenient penalties possible.

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