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Have you been accused of a vehicle code violation? Chambers Law Firm is here to help.

The California Vehicle Code is over 1,000 pages long, listing hundreds of obvious and obscure requirements. It is no surprise that the average California driver is familiar with only a small fraction of the possible California vehicle code violations. If you have been accused of a vehicle violation, you can and should get an experienced attorney to assist you.

We Handle All Kinds of Vehicle Code Violations

At Chambers Law Firm, we believe no vehicle code violation is too small or too big to deserve the attention of a skilled defense attorney. We have studied the vehicle code in detail and we can provide the strongest possible defense for any type of violation, including ones involving:

  • Traffic Violations
  • Evading a Peace Officer
  • Driving without a License
  • Hit & Run
  • DUI
  • DUI of Drugs
  • Underage DUI
  • Operating a Chop Shop
  • Tampering with a VIN

Get an Expert Defense From Chambers Law Firm

At Chambers Law Firm, we can serve as your vehicle code violation defense attorney whether your offense takes you to traffic court or criminal court. Even if the case against you seems very strong, we can and will find a way to help. In traffic court, we have often been able to secure resolutions that save our clients hundreds of dollars in fines and court fees while also preventing them from getting points on their license. In criminal court, we focus on undermining the prosecution’s arguments to prevent them from having enough evidence to secure a conviction. Often, this results in the charges being dropped before trial.

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