B. Dow

On the rare occasions I’ve needed the services of an attorney, I’ve never felt attended to and almost always passed around from one associate to another. Recently I ran into an issue that required I retain another attorney. I made a few phone calls, left a few messages with secretaries, etc… Then I called Dan Chambers. He answered the phone, listened to my plight, and immediately I felt that I was being heard. He gave me the straight scoop, didn’t blow the typical doom and gloom smoke at me. I hired him immediately. I have never made a better choice. Not only is he a great attorney, he is a great human. He cared, he worked hard and was able to get me out of a prison sentence that was almost a certainty. The one on one service and communication is a unicorn in today’s legal landscape. But the best byproduct of the whole ordeal is I now have a good friend and a great attorney. Thanks, Dan, you really are the best!

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