Oscar Quezada

After being a convicted felon and serving a prison sentence for a violent offense, I caught a very petty case for resisting a peace officer “ using force and or violence” during the last year of my term. I was looking at the max with a second strike, so I decided to do some legal research and look for the best of the best to help represent me and earn me my freedom, as I only had 1 year left on my sentence. I have to say to this day I am blessed to have found Dan and his legal team, who helped earn me my freedom. Thanks to Dan, I was able to negotiate the lower term sentence for 18 months with half time. Turns out, I only ended up doing 4 months out of the 8 month sentence and I am pleased to say I have now made it home to my wife and family. If you need a good criminal defense attorney, with prior prosecutorial experience, someone who is interested in defending you all the way, and a honest human being Dan is the man for you and your loved ones.

Thanks Dan for all your hard work!!

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