The Legal Definition of Premeditation is Relevant to Many Murder Cases in California

The Legal Definition of Premeditation is Relevant to Many Murder Cases in CaliforniaThe unlawful killing of another person with malice aforethought and without legal justification is defined as murder in California. Although the terminology used in this explanation are quite simple, they can be difficult to understand. Does “malice aforethought,” for instance, imply that the murder was premeditated?

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Malice aforethought

A defendant’s mental state at the time of a murder, such as having the intention to kill or to seriously injure someone, is referred to as having “malice aforethought.” Premeditation and premeditation are not the same thing, even if premeditation might be a sign of premeditational malice (for instance, bringing a pistol to a knife fight). What is premeditation, and what does it imply for a murder accusation in California?


A premeditation is defined as a specific intent to commit a crime before the crime is actually committed, according to a murder defense attorney Los Angeles CA. It is not necessary for this intent to exist for a specific amount of time; even a short period of time can qualify as premeditation.

First degree murder

First degree murder in California is any premeditated, purposeful homicide or homicide committed while committing an intrinsically dangerous felony (known as a felony murder). The prosecution must establish both the defendant’s intent to kill the victim and that the defendant had sufficient time to ponder the wrongness of the act before the victim was actually killed. Deliberation and planning can occur in a matter of seconds.

Think about a situation where someone gets into a bar fight, for instance. Infuriated, he storms out of the bar and heads to his van to retrieve a revolver from the glove box. He has developed the intention to murder the other person during the time it takes to acquire the gun and return to the pub. He may be charged with first-degree murder if he follows it up by shooting and killing the other person. This is due to the fact that getting a gun during a bar brawl required thought and planning before stepping outside to the vehicle.

Premeditation can happen in a variety of ways, as a murder defense attorney Los Angeles CA can explain. A person can prepare to poison their unfaithful spouse, or they might hire a hitman to kill a potential love interest. In order to commit an infraction, whether it is murder or another type of crime, there must be at least some amount of preparation and thought.

The laws governing criminal behavior in California are complicated and continuously changing. Having a skilled murder defense attorney Los Angeles CA on your side might be the difference between mounting a solid defense and being forced to accept a less-than-favorable plea agreement.

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