Learn Your Defense Options if You Have Been Charged with Conspiracy in California

Learn Your Defense Options if You Have Been Charged with Conspiracy in CaliforniaBeing accused of conspiracy has a number of frustrating characteristics, including the fact that it is one of the few accusations that can be brought against someone even when they have not actually committed a crime. You might still be charged even if no one was harmed, no narcotics were sold, no property was damaged, no one was threatened, and no one was robbed.

Although almost every crime can legally result in a conspiracy indictment, prosecutors typically only prosecute felonies in these situations. For a free legal consultation if you have been charged or have reason to fear that you might be, call Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088.

The most typical allegations of conspiracy

Some of the most frequent conspiracy accusations include conspiring to commit murder, theft, drug distribution, and the production or distribution of child pornography. An attorney can assist you determine the best course of action to secure the best result possible because it can be challenging to prove this kind of charge.

We could contend that there is insufficient proof of an agreement

The accuser must demonstrate that you and at least one other person had a deal to commit the crime. We can debate that argument if we can convince you that there is cause to dispute this. One of the hardest things for the prosecution to prove is this. Evidence to support this is frequently difficult to find in the absence of a wiretap or a very uncommon written agreement to conduct a crime.

We could contend that you did little to further the plot

Simply having a conversation about the conspiracy with someone is insufficient. It must have been one of you who took action to make it happen. Let’s take a look at a burglary conspiracy case. The prosecution would need to demonstrate that you or one of your collaborators took some sort of action, whether it was staking out a house, studying how to hack an alarm system, etc. We might be able to prove that a certain action they claim was taken to facilitate the crime was completely innocent.

We may contend that you left the conspiracy

You might be able to successfully present this as a defense if you decided not to do the crime. We need proof that you left before the crime was committed, though. Additionally, we must demonstrate that you made your desire to leave known to all other conspirators. It is not sufficient to refrain from participating in the act.

We could contend that it was a legal error

You might be able to avoid prosecution if you were formulating arrangements that you were unaware were prohibited. This only applies to uncommon crimes that the majority of people are unaware even exist. It might, however, apply to your situation.

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