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Potential Defense Options from a Drug Defense Lawyer Los in Angeles CA

May 24, 2019

Potential Defense Options from a Drug Defense Lawyer Los in Angeles CA

The first question you likely have for a drug defense lawyer in Los Angeles CA is what your best defense option will be. This will of course depend on the specifics of your case. To learn about some of the options, keep reading. To get answers to specific questions about your unique case, contact Chambers Law Firm at 855-397-0210 for a free legal consultation.

The Drugs Were Not Yours

If there were drugs somewhere near you but they were not yours, then that may be the best defense option. For example, if you were giving a ride to a friend who had drugs in their backpack, we can show that there is not evidence to support that you knew the drugs were there. This could result in the charges being dropped or, depending on the circumstances, a significantly lowered penalty.

You Are Not Guilty of the Specific Drug-Related Charge You Are Facing

It may be true that you committed a lesser drug-related offense but not the one you are being accused of. For example, you may be charged with drug trafficking when in fact you are only guilty of drug possession. This is a significantly less serious charge that can lead to a much lighter sentence. We can show that all elements of the crime you are accused of cannot be proven.

You Are Addicted to Drugs

The country is moving away from criminalizing victims of drug addiction and trying to help them. This is true in California, where some cases may qualify for drug court. This allows you to seek help for your addiction instead of going to prison. You may be eligible for a deferred judgment with conditions.

This means that the judge will set specific conditions for you to meet and an amount of time you must meet them. If you comply, when the time comes, the judge will dismiss charges. If you do not comply then you will be found guilty of the original charge and likely go to prison.

You Were Not Involved at All

The above defense options assume that you had some involvement, whether intentional or not, but it may also be true that you did not have any involvement. It may be that the police have a case of mistaken identity, that an informant has given them bad information, or that someone has set you up. Regardless, it may be true that your best defense is to prove that you were not involved at all.

A Plea Bargain May Be the Best Option

It is also possible that your best option is to let your drug defense lawyer in Los Angeles CA negotiate the best possible plea deal for you. For example, we may be able to have the charge reduced or get you a suspended sentence. To learn more about the options available to you, contact Chambers Law Firm at 855-397-0210 for your free legal consultation.

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