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Cerritos CA

Cerritos CA started out with the name Dairy City, in honor of the roughly 400 dairies and 100,000 cows that made the area their home in the 1950s. But by the late 1960s, suburbanization had set in and there were more neighborhoods than dairy farms. This led locals to change the name to Cerritos CA. Cerritos means “little hills” and had been part of the name of the original Spanish land grant. Chambers Law Firm has been providing essential criminal defense services to Cerritos CA and the surrounding areas for many years. Contact us today for help with weapons charges, grand theft charges, elder abuse charges, and many others. We will work tirelessly to help you find the best possible outcome for your case whether defending you at trial or negotiating the best possible plea deal.

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Sex Crimes–What is a “CSAAS” Expert?

In many cases involving sexual molestation or other sex crimes involving children, it is common for the prosecution (and sometimes the defense) to call a Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome ("CSAAS") expert. This expert, typically a psychiatrist or psychologist, seeks to provide insight to the jury concerning why children are reluctant to disclose sexual abuse and how children attempt to Continue Reading