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Fullerton CA Criminal Attorney

You’re in expert hands with Dan E. Chambers as your Fullerton CA criminal defense attorney

Have you been arrested or charged with a criminal offense? You need help, fast! Don’t wait around to find out how the prosecutor plans to proceed. Ask Dan E. Chambers to be your Fullerton CA criminal defense attorney and you can get the expert assistance you need right away. Dan will begin helping you by using his contacts to help you post bail as soon as possible. He will also begin scrutinizing the evidence against you so he can build an effective defense. Dan has served as a criminal defense attorney in Fullerton CA for years and he knows the ins and outs of all kinds of cases, including:

DUI Crimes:

DUI cases often hinge on the interpretation of blood and breath tests, and Dan has ample experience pointing out the flaws in such testing.

Sex Crimes:

Whether you stand accused of sexual misconduct, sex trafficking and other sex crimes, Dan can help you build a strong defense and give you the best possible chance of staying off the sex offender registry.

White Collar Crimes:

The evidence in white collar crimes like embezzlement, forgery, fraud, theft, burglary, and trade secret theft, can be highly technical, but Dan has the skills, knowledge, and experience required to analyze this evidence and identify elements that can support your defense.

Internet Crimes:

As your criminal defense lawyer in Fullerton CA, Dan can defend you against charges of cybercrime, internet fraud, technology crime, online identity theft, online stalking, and more.

Violent Crimes:

For allegations of homicide, murder, vehicular manslaughter, aggravated arson, domestic violence, elder abuse, and other serious violent crimes, you need a serious Fullerton CA criminal defense lawyer such as Dan E. Chambers.

Your Case is Always a Priority

If you go with some big law firm, you might end up with a Fullerton CA criminal attorney who doesn't really have time to thoroughly investigate your case. Dan will never pass your case off to a junior associate. Instead, Dan communicates with every client personally and treats every case as a priority.

This Fullerton CA Criminal Defense Attorney Loves a Challenge!

Sometimes a criminal attorney in Fullerton CA takes a cookie-cutter approach to defending his clients, using the same legal strategy in each case without bothering to determine if this is the best strategy for the circumstances. You don’t have to worry about this type of laziness when you choose Dan as your criminal defense attorney in Fullerton CA. Dan loves a challenge, and he will not hesitate to work day and night to complete the investigative research required to thoroughly analyze the evidence against you and craft an expert legal defense tailor made for you.

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