Fullerton CA

Fullerton CA has been called “Education City” due to the numerous schools located here. The first was Orange County State College, which started in 1957 and eventually got renamed California State University. College towns have a way of attracting unusual thinkers and perhaps this is why Fullerton CA can claim two notable inventions: the Fender Telecaster guitar and the recipe for Hawaiian Punch drink. A few years ago, the Fullerton CA police department was involved in a scandal involving allegations of police misconduct and movements to recall certain officers. If you have been accused of a crime in Fullerton CA, you may still be suspicious of the police department. Getting an experienced southern California criminal defense attorney on your side will help give you peace of mind that your rights are protected. Whether you are facing charges for assault & battery, rape, murder, domestic violence, fraud, embezzlement, perjury, internet crime, etc., Dan E. Chambers can help you build the best possible defense.

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