Ridgecrest CA

The city of Ridgecrest CA is mainly a bedroom community for the nearby Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. Ridgecrest CA is surrounded by mountains offering a variety of recreational opportunities such as hiking, horseback riding, dirt biking, and hunting. One particularly interesting place to visit is the Coso Rock Art District, where you can view thousands of prehistoric petroglyphs. Since 2014, Ridgecrest CA has put on an annual festival to promote the cultural value of the petroglyphs. As an experienced southern California criminal defense attorney, Dan E. Chambers can help you build a strong legal defense against virtually any kind of criminal charge. Whether you face a slap on the wrist for a minor drug offense or life in prison for a serious violent crime, Dan will give your case the same level of dedication, working hard to secure the best possible outcome. Dan has special experience in DUI, theft crimes, drug crimes, and domestic violence. Call 714-760-4088 now for your free consultation.

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