You Have Found an Attorney Who Can Help with Both Federal and California State Charges

You Have Found an Attorney Who Can Help with Both Federal and California State Charges

A federal crime is one that is investigated and prosecuted by the federal government. State offenses are prosecuted by a District Attorney, whereas federal crimes are prosecuted by a United States Attorney. State courts deal with crimes and concerns involving the state, such as family law, property disputes, and traffic offences. In a case involving many states or if the statute that was broken was a federal one, a federal court will preside.

Because white-collar crimes violate federal securities laws, they are virtually usually punished as federal offenses. Charges of drug trafficking or wire fraud, for example, are likely to be filed in federal court if they include either interstate or international business. The fact is that some lawyers specialize in either federal or state litigation. We are extremely skilled and experienced in both at Chambers Law Firm.

California legislation may be in direct conflict with federal law

The enforcement of both state and federal laws is the duty of every state in the country. However, because of the constitutional separation of powers between the federal government and individual states, California may decriminalize some sorts of behavior, like as marijuana usage, while they remain illegal on the federal level.

Drug trafficking is a prevalent federal offense

Selling, transporting, or unlawfully importing an illegal controlled narcotic into the United States is forbidden under federal law. Many elements influence a person’s prospective fate if they are convicted on federal drug trafficking charges, including:

  • The type of drug
  • The amount in your possession
  • The geographical area where the medication was distributed
  • Whether children were engaged in the distribution

Depending on how much of the substance they had, a person convicted of a first federal drug trafficking conviction might receive a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

The federal government will pursue criminal charges aggressively

The truth is that some people believe that the greatest prosecutors in the country work for the federal government. They are accustomed to winning lawsuits and having a large pool of resources at their disposal. These are zealous prosecutors who are eager to put people in jail. If you’ve been charged with a federal offense, you’ll want to be sure your lawyer is equal to the task of defending you.

We’ll figure out the best course of action for your case

Every customer we work with is in a unique scenario. We address each case on an individual basis, no matter what the charge is or how many people we have represented who are facing the same accusation. If finding a plea agreement that provides you the best potential outcome is the best option to move ahead, we may do so. If fighting your issue in court is the best option, we will do so. Call Chambers Law Firm at 714-760-4088 right now to learn more about your choices.

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